withdrawl or transfer policy

Withdrawal / Transfer Policy and Procedure



IIHM shall only accept course withdrawal requests from students via the completion of the Pre/Post-Course Commencement Withdrawal Form. Student Administration shall be responsible for processing the request. A formal written reply shall be made to the student within 4 weeks.

Pre-course commencement withdrawal –
IIHM’s refund policy shall apply. Please refer to Refund Policy and Procedure

Post-course commencement withdrawal –
Barring withdrawal requests within cooling-off period and/or due to Clause 2.1 of the IIHM-student contract, all refund requests will fall outside of the refund policy. Any refunds will only be made based on goodwill and/or extenuating circumstances, subjected to the approval of the Chief Executive. In such events, IIHM will make refunds (if any) within seven (7) working days upon Chief Executive’s approval. In instances where payment had been made via PSEA or SkillsFuture Credits, approved refund (if any) will be made within seven (7) working days from successful draw-down of payment if payment is not yet received as at point of Chief Executive’s approval.

For students below 18 years of age, IIHM will seek parental/guardian approval prior to processing the request for withdrawal.


IIHM shall only accept a request on course transfer via a written communication and request on course deferment via the completion of the Programme Deferment Request Form submitted with supporting documents to substantiate the need for deferment. In general, except where cooling-off period is applicable, there shall be no refund of fees that have been consumed/expended by student prior to the course transfer/deferment request. ICA is to be informed if there are any changes to the status of the student’s pass.

Student Administration shall be responsible for processing the request. A formal written reply shall be made to the student within 4 weeks.

A student who transfers from one course to another or who defer entire/part of an existing course to another intake with IIHMshall be deemed to have withdrawn from the original course. IIHM shall abide by the refund policy stated in the IIHM-student contract under “Withdrawal due to Other Reasons”.

The provisions of signing up for a new course shall apply, including execution of a fresh student contract and purchase of FPS (if applicable). Student shall be required to pay the fees for the “new course” that student wishes to transfer/defer into, as well as administrative fee applicable for processing of re- admission.

Under circumstances where a student’s request for course deferment entails deferring non- institutional term(s) of study (e.g. industrial attachment) to a later date, stipulations of the deferment which may differ from the original IIHM-student contract (i.e. term start date, revised course fee schedule) can be clearly spelt out in the formal written reply/ addendum issued by Student Administration, in lieu of executing a fresh new contract, wherever applicable.

Generally, the upper limit for deferment timeframe is within the next 12 months from the point of course disruption. Deferment requests beyond 12 months’ timeframe will be considered on a case by case basis dependent on validity of reasons provided.