Diploma in Culinary Arts

Diploma in Culinary Arts


IIHM Education Pte Ltd. conducts 6 month Certification Course in Culinary to promote the art of Cooking, Baking, Food presentation and Dining. The course will help the students secure a professional future in the ever-active Food and Dining industry.


Minimum Requirement :

Academic/Work Experience Requirements
• Obtained at least 3 GCSE O level Passes (including English);

Minimum Age Criteria
• 17 years

Language Proficiency Requirements
• Obtained at least an IELTS score of 5.5 / TOEFL (internet-based total) score of 46-59 / WPLN Level 5


Important Information regarding the course

Curriculum :

The Course is divided into 2 semesters, the details of which are given below

Semester I


Module 1 :

Introduction to Culinary Arts & Food Production Business

Theory of Culinary
Importance of Food Production
History of Food Production
Introduction to International Cuisines


Module 2 :

Introduction to Food Hygiene

Rules for Food Handling
Preparing for the Kitchen
Personal Hygiene and Uniform
General Hygienic Food Handling Procedures
Safety Procedures in Handling Food Equipment
HACCP and relevant principles and procedures of Food Hygiene


Module 3 :

Basic Skills for Kitchen Operation

Demonstrate basic knife skills
Receive and Store Products
Maintain Safe & Secure Working Environments
Basic concepts and regulations of food
safety and hygiene
Food hazards and safety measures caused
due to environmental factors.
Preparation of Cold Sauces


Module  4 :

Professional Development Programme I

Enhanced Communication Skills
Planning Presentations and developing Confidence
Communicating Professionally through Emails
Social and General Etiquette
Dining Etiquette


Module 5 :

Fundamentals of European Cooking

Mise en place
Ingredients and Equipment
Mother Sauces & Derivatives
Basic Stocks


Semester 2 :


Module 1 :

Principles of Western Cooking

Seafood, Meat, Egg and Dairy Products – Sourcing Specifications, Pre-Preparation and Cooking Methods, Dry & Wet Cooking Method
Sourcing Specifications & Cooking techniques for Fresh Fruits & Vegetables; Dry Fruits & Tree Nuts
Sourcing Specifications & Preparation of Grains & Legumes
Cold Plates & Garnishes


Module 2 :

Food Cost & Basic Accounting

Calculation of Food Cost
Maintaining Kitchen Accounts
Cost Control


Module 3 :

Technology Applications in Food Business

Overview of Kitchen Technology
Efficiency & Time Saving
Handling Heavy Appliances
Kitchen related Software


Module 4 :

Professional Development Programme II

Self Awareness (SWOT)
Developing Communication Skills
Business Communication Skills
Creating a Good CV
Interview and Group Discussion


Module 5 :

Basic Digital Marketing

Marketing Management Process
Relevance of Marketing Mix : 7 P’s
Segmentation Targeting and positioning
Digital – the next wave of marketing
Applications of Digital Marketing
Internet Basics
Digital Marketing Tools and channels
Opportunities and Challenges of Digital Marketing


Course Assessment Plan for Each Semester


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