IIHM Campuses

IIHM Kolkata

The IIHM Global Campus in Kolkata is an icon of 21st Century Hospitality Education. Kolkata is a popular destination for tourists as India’s famous City of Joy, which is noted for its rich cultural legacy and hospitality. Through on-the-job training and practical sessions, IIHM Kolkata offers an excellent atmosphere for hospitality that allows students to interact with international travelers. The institute is attached to Hotel Indismart which is a fully functional business hotel, where the students gain hands-on practical experience. IIHM Kolkata is an award-winning center for Hotel and Tourism studies.

IIHM Bangalore

Located in the IT capital of India IIHM Bangalore is a leading institution which provides courses in Hospitality and Tourism. Bangalore is a popular destination for business as well as leisure travellers for its rapid development and the beautiful getaways to the other parts of Karnataka. IIHM Bangalore is an award-winning Centre for hotel and tourism skills and is an excellent place to begin a career in hospitality. IIHM Bangalore provides an exceptional hospitality environment throughout the campus and gives students the unique opportunity to learn Hospitality in Real-life scenarios by organizing On-the-Job Training for students at their own, fully functional Chocolate-themed hotel, The Chocolate House.

IIHM Hyderabad

IIHM Hyderabad is a premier institution for Hospitality courses in the Nizam’s city. Hyderabad is a popular tourist destination in India because it is the renowned City of Pearls, which is a unique blend of rich cultural heritage as well as cutting edge technological start up platforms. Providing an amazing hospitality environment throughout the campus, IIHM Hyderabad offers students the unique chance to connect with Global Travellers through On-the-Job Training and practical workshops. IIHM Hyderabad, located in Gachibowli, aims to teach students in Global Hospitality standards.

IIHM Delhi

Delhi, India’s capital, is a popular tourist destination for both business and leisure travellers. IIHM Delhi, is an award-winning Centre for hotel and tourism management and is an excellent place to begin a career in hospitality. Located in Badarpur, just a 2 min walk from the Badarpur Metro Station, this Center for Hospitality Learning and Education is well connected with the entire NCR region. Present among some of the biggest players of the Hospitality and Tourism Industry, IIHM Delhi provides the students unparalleled exposure in these fields and help them achieve a bright career.

IIHM Ahmedabad

“Manchester of India”, the Heritage city of Ahmedabad is a popular attraction for both, business and leisure tourists. IIHM in Ahmedabad is an award-winning Center for hotel and tourism skills. It is a great place to kick-start the hospitality career. Boasting of a prime location, on the famous Ashram Road of this popular business as well as leisure tourism attraction, IIHM Ahmedabad has a strong industry connect that helps the students have knowledge as well as excellent placement opportunities. IIHM Ahmedabad aims to provide smart and professional manpower to the hospitality industry, as well as well defined career paths to the future hospitality professionals.


IIHM Goa is a splendid hospitality education center situated on the hillside of one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, Goa. Snuggled within the Indismart Woodbourne Resort, IIHM Goa provides hands-on learning experience to the students in the field of hotel management. The attached hotel is a perfect training ground for students who want to build a career in the International Hospitality industry. With the backdrop of the most scenic place in the world, IIHM Goa promises to be the best place to study hospitality and hotel management.

IIHM Jaipur

IIHM Jaipur is a prime institution for courses in Hospitality and Tourism Industry. Called the iconic Pink City of India, rich in Cultural heritage and medieval history, Jaipur is a hotspot for tourism. Providing an exceptional hospitality environment all around, IIHM Jaipur provides the unique opportunity to the students to interact with Global Travelers through On-the-Job Training and practical sessions. With the Backdrop of one of the most recognized Tourist Spots in the World, IIHM Jaipur stands to train students in Global Hospitality standards.


Nestled in the Oxford of the East, IIHM Pune is a magnificent educational centre in Viman Nagar, the commercial heart of Pune. IIHM Pune provides hands-on learning opportunities for hotel management students. With strong industry connects across the globe, IIHM Pune provides the best placement opportunities to the students. Renowned for their learning exposure, IIHM World Campus, Pune is an attraction for students of all nationalities to study hospitality.

IIHM Bangkok,Thailand

IIHM International Campus, Bangkok is positioned within the KBU (KasemBundit University) compounds. For IIHM, the partnership with the Kasem Bundit University (KBU) has broadened its areas, both geographically and organically, in order to facilitate educational growth internationally and fulfil it’s desire for being a centre of excellence with comfortable learning atmosphere, gardens, sports facilities, stylish buildings and learning tools including a training hotel & laboratory blocks for Hotel and Tourism Studies. The University is spread over26 acres of land area within the surroundings of Bangkok and is equipped with the most modern sports facilities, health centers, swimming pools and halls of student residence designed according to international standards. Strategically, the campus is made keeping the benefits of the hospitality students in mind.

IIHM Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Another crowning campus of IIHM is situated in Samarkand, one of the oldest cities of Central Asia that upholds rich cultural, educational and architectural heritage. IIHM Samarkand is the result of the collaboration between IIHM and Samarkand Institute of Economics and Services. The new centre was officially announced at a meeting at Samarkand between Dr Suborno Bose, the Chief Mentor of IIHM and other officials of Uzbekistan. Dr Bose and his team were greeted at Samarkand with traditional Uzbek hospitality that also included a dinner with officials with a spread of authentic Uzbek cuisine. The new IIHM centre at Samarkand comes as a blessing for the students of Uzbekistan and the neighbouring countries, who aspire to become future hospitality professionals.