Certificate in Food & Beverages Operations

Certificate in Food & Beverage Operations


1. Introduction to Hotel, Restaurants and F&B Industry
2. Personal Grooming, Hygiene and Food Safety
3.Introduction to F&B Operations, Key responsibilities and accountability
4. F&B Service Equipment
5. Attitude and attributes of F&B Service Personnel
6. Menus and Covers, Types of Meals, Culinary Terms (A to Z)
7. Introduction to Non-Alcoholic Beverages
8. Introduction to Alcoholic Beverages
9. Sustainable methods and practices in F&B department
10. AI and emerging technologies in the F&B department


Learning Objectives

1. Understand the different type of F&B Service Areas,Terminologies, Equipment and Operations as a frontline F&B service staff.
2. Acquire a basic competency in performing the F&B operations effectively & efficiently.
3. Knowledge on the F&B industry, scope, types and influencing key factors on sustainable methods and present trends in AI & emerging technologies for the F&B operations


Fee Details : SGD 600 (SGD 200/month for 3 months)


Course Assessment Plan


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